Indoor signage

BLU Type
1366 X 23816.4400Edge Type
1366 X 23816.4400Edge Type 38.75mm
1920 X 1920
26.5450 Edge Type
1920 X 192026.5200Edge Type13.9mm
265BXQ7V1920 X 192026.5
450Edge Type37.25mm
270BXF4U1920 X 108027300
Edge Type28.0mm
1920 X 108049400Edge Type21.2mm
1920 X 108049400Edge Type13.9mm
Products Features

High Resolution

NEWOPTICS uses FHD/UHD IPS panels.No matter which angle we look  from,the screen won't look distorted and maintains the same image quality.

Color Gamut
NEWOPTICS products have a wide color reproduction range by applying the color support technology, which allows us to express precise natural colors on the screen.

High Brightness &

Energy Efficiency

NEWOPTICS  uses optimized back-light LED technology to realize high brightness products and efficiently save energy without changing the brightness.

Slim & Narrow Design

NEWOPTICS products maximize the aesthetic value through slim and narrow bezel design,while providing viewers a complete immersion in the screen and minimizing space constraints.

Anti-glare Panel

We apply patterning and etching technology on the film and glass for anti-glare technology.

Robust Quality

We provide the best quality to our customers with our know-how of manufacturing and producing over many years in the industry.

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