Outdoor signage

Luminance (nit)
BLU Type
IP Grade
Glass Protection
1920 X 1080552500Edge Type
IP 65
Tempered  4T(IK 10)
3840 X 2160
552500Direct Type
IP 65Tempered  4T(IK 10)
1920 X 1080
652500Direct Type
IP 65Tempered  4T(IK 10)
3840 X 2160
652500Direct Type
IP 65Tempered  4T(IK 10)
1920 X 1080
554500Direct Type
IP 66Tempered  4T(IK 10)
1920 X 1080
552500Edge TypeIP 66Tempered  4T(IK 10)
 Product Features

Weather Proof IP 65

The dust is completely blocked and protected from low pressure water damage.You don't have to worry too much about the rain and wind, and you can stand quite a strong downpour.

QWP(Quarter Wave Plate)

A technology called QWP (Quarter Wave Plate) to prevent people wearing polarizing glasses from being able to see the screen properly due to the influence of polarized light.
Smart Light Sensor

Sense the ambient light and send a signal to adjust the brightness of the screen. In the dark, the screen gets a little darker by itself, and in the bright, the screen gets brighter.
Impact Protection(IK 10) 

Protected against 20 joules of impact.(the equivalent to the impact of a 5kg mass dropped from 40cm above the impacted surface)
Direct Bonding

When combining LCD Panel and Cover Glass tempered glass, it is a technology that enables clearer picture quality by increasing color transmission rate through panel connection using transparent Resin.

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