(1) Customer Value 

· We have unlimited responsibilities and obligations to our customers. Always listen to the customer's opinion and keep the promise with the customer.

· By providing custom value to customers and enhancing their value, trust is built and continued technological innovation is achieved to achieve mutual growth with customers.

· Provide the highest quality goods and services with customers and build trust with customers at reasonable prices.


(2) Value of Members

· Be proud and rewarding through trust and respect among executives and employees and fair treatment based on their abilities and achievements.

· Make members feel self-esteem about their jobs, give them various educational opportunities for developing skills, conduct fair evaluation rewards, and achieve managerial innovation through open communication with employees.

· To respond to rapidly changing business environments, we must grow into members who actively create value, and to achieve sustained growth based on cooperation in all sectors.

· Respect the privacy of individuals and achieve a mature organizational culture through trust and understanding. 

· Do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, region of origin, marriage, race, nationality, religion, etc. 

(3) Maximizing Company Value 

· Fast and strong companies, achieving the best efficient management through accurate judgment and quick decision making.

· Realize sustainability by fostering talent, internal management, expanding R&D, strengthening sales power, enhancing productivity, and realizing new businesses


(1) Faithful to basic ethics and principles  

· Share visions, clarify responsibilities, and pursue fundamental thinking through mutual cooperation.

· Staff have pride and pride, and always maintain an honest and fair attitude. 

· Always strive to maintain individual dignity and honor with high ethical values.

· Maintain the company's property well and protect the secrets of the company acquired on business.

· The company's information assets, including business information and technical information, should be strictly managed in accordance with security management regulations. The disclosure and scope of information assets should be determined in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and company policies. 

· Do not engage in work-related antisocial, immoral, or unethical conduct in everyday life. 

(2) Spreading out self-esteem and mission  

· Increases innovative thinking through increased autonomy in understanding and self-determination of Mission.

· Executives faithfully carry out their respective missions in accordance with the company's vision and policy.

· Self-establishing a desirable talent award and making constant efforts to meet the talent award through constant self-development.  

(3) Implementing the norms of fairness and integrity  

· Competition in good faith between each other based on the basic ideological rules of mutual relations, and do not take advantage through unfair methods.

· Do your best to perform the given duties in a legitimate manner and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

· No form of monetary gain in relation to duties that may impede the impartiality of judgment is taken from interested parties.



(1) Shared growth  

· Pursue mutual development based on trust and cooperation through transparent and fair competition in accordance with the principle of free competition.

· Consider partners as business partners and pursue relationships that trust each other and grow together. 

(2) Fair trade  

· No agreement, information or exchange of opinions with competitors that unfairly restrict competition with respect to prices, types and specifications of goods, supply and terms of trade, methods, etc.

· Do not use market dominance to influence all partners unfairly.



(1) Discovering future growth engines through change, innovation, and creation

· Change through innovation and discover new future-oriented projects through research and development.
· Fostering the indomitable spirit of all members through vision sharing.
· Globalization and high value added through the realization of New Biz.

(2) Avoiding conflicts of interest with the Company

· Do not engage in any act that hinders change or innovation in the interests of the company and individuals.
· Always seek change and realize rational innovation through change of view.


(1) Ethical business development

Conduct projects in respect of social values in all countries and regions around the world.
· Promote business expansion on the basis of stable growth of the company.

(2) Contributing to the development of the State and communities;

·To practice the philosophy of sharing management in respect of human beings, we strive to pursue transparent management based on love, communication, and a strong sense of ethics, conduct various social contribution activities at home and abroad, and fulfill the responsibilities of social enterprises.
· To contribute to national development through accurate reporting of tax and sincere payment.
· Contribute to social development through active exchanges of culture, welfare and education with the local community and job creation.
· Make utmost efforts to prevent environmental pollution and protect nature to preserve clean environments.  

Through ethical management based on growth value, win-win cooperation, VISION, responsible management, transparency and trust value, we will be reborn as a company that wants to trade with partner companies, a company that wants to work for executives and employees, and a company that fulfills its responsibilities to the nation and society. 

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