(1)Practicing Shared Growth

Strengthen R&D support for business partners

  · Authorization of companies that introduce performance sharing system and implementation of tasks

 Joint R&D promotion for mutual growth with business partners

  · Configure a joint R&D consultative body and support technology sharing

Strengthen support for productivity, quality innovation projects

  · Strengthen guidance on field visits to improve quality of business partners

  · Support the establishment of IT-based collaboration systems

Reinforcement of Green Partnerships with Business Partners

  · Building a low-carbon green management system for small and medium-sized enterprises through the foundation of green


(1)Reasonable contract

Guidelines for the conclusion of a good contract between large and small businesses
· Effective delivery date determination and mutual consultation in case of emergency ordering machine materials
· Increase in raw material prices, change in exchange rates, and reflect factors of price increase in prices
· Decision of transaction price based on rational unit price calculation method
· Prohibit unfair reduction practices
· Cash payment in full of subcontracting charges

(2) Obligations for issuing and preserving letters

Guidelines for desirable written issuance and preservation
· Preservation of objects such as contracts (including revised contracts), confirmation of contracts, etc.
· Configure internal review committee for subcontracting transactions
· Operating an unfair trade reporting center

(3) confidentiality agreement

Pre-establishment of "secret keeping agreement" when releasing technical data related to technical cooperation and joint research with business partners  

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