Welcome to the website of NEWOPTICS, which will listen to customers and create a win-win ecosystem to open a new display world with differentiated technologies and products.


Since its establishment in 2005, we have assembled and produced BLU and module for LCD monitors, and we have recently produced large and large LCD TVs and OLED TV sets. We will play a leading role in the field of Commercial Display, which is gaining attention as a market for new displays.

  NEWOPTICS is committed to listening to customers and delivering the value they need. To this end, we maximize customer value through high productivity and quality based on our abundant production experience and provide optimal solutions in Korea, China, and Mexico. NEWOPTICS wants to be the most trusted success partner from customers who contribute to their success.

  NEWOPTICS is exploring the new display market based on differentiated technologies and products.

 We are doing our best to realize our dream of a new future of Display, a new world of Display that makes humanity more comfortable and happy. Beyond the existing ideas, we will become a company where members can freely express their free thoughts and individual creativity.

  NEWOPTICS is creating a win-win ecosystem with its strategic partners through open thinking and action.It is NEWOPTICS' belief that it will actively respond to changing environments and contribute to mankind by creating greater values through a win-win ecosystem where everyone can participate and share their abilities with partners.

NEWOPTICS, the new world that display creates, will join us.

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